Delfshaven 9 Ball!!!

Delfshaven 9 Ball!!! 150 150 Marie-Jozé

Hi people,


How’s life? I bet your elbow’s itching to play some 9ball and to participate in the Delfshaven 9ball Open in Rotterdam (Holland). Enlist now for the first qualification rounds on Saturday October 8th at 12:00 noon (Group A) and 16:00 (Group B).


16 participants have already enlisted for Groups A and B. Enlist via [email protected].


The best 4 of each group will qualify for the Main Event (Best 32) on Sunday November 13th. This is your shot to fame!


Cheers, on behalf of Poolcafé Delfshaven,


Çakti Aswan

promoter Delfshaven 9ball Open


The Delfshaven 9ball Open is brought to you by Poolcafé Delfshaven in cooperation with Çakti Aswan, Longoni Cues, Rotterdam Delfshaven, Delfshavense Ondernemersfederatie, Pool Gear, Kamui, Jupiler, Radder and the KNBB.

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